Best Places for Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

Places for Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

As an ideal holiday destination for those interested in sporting events, best places for kayaking in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam reward visitors with opportunities for kayaking in the beautiful bay wilderness. The Bay is gifted with spectacular sailing routes that inspire you to use the kayak and sail around and along the top spots of […]


Tra Bau Area in Lan Ha Bay for Kayaking and Fishing Village

Tra Bau Lan Ha Bay

Updates about a fishing village with transparent emerald water, pristine beauty, fishing experience, and kayaking have drawn tourists’ attraction to Tra Bau Area in Lan Ha Bay. This is a hot attraction in the recent days that bring more and more tourists to Cat Ba Island Vietnam. In any talk about Cat Ba, most people […]


Tung Gau Area for Free Kayaking to Do in Lan Ha Bay Cruise Itinerary

Tung Gau Area in Lan Ha Bay

Located in the east of Cat Ba Island and bordering Halong Bay, the beautiful Lan Ha Bay is a new sailing route for the luxurious cruises, and this route might cover the attractions of Viet Hai – Tung Gau area. Together with the peaceful, green, and charming Viet Hai fishing village, the Tung Gau area […]


Dark and Light Caves Vietnam in Lan Ha Bay for Wonderful Kayaking and Photo Hunting

Kayaking at Dark and Bright Caves in Lan Ha Bay

Whether or not you have been amazed by the naturally-crafted attractions of caves, grottoes, or islets, the Dark and Light Caves Vietnam (Hang Sang Toi in Vietnamese) in Lan Ha Bay is surely worth contemplation. This cave is always included in the cruise trip to this pristine Bay as a must-see; plus, it offers fantastic […]


Ba Trai Dao Islet for Best Swimming and Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

Ba Trai Dao Islet in Lan Ha Bay

As the best artist ever, Nature shapes a limestone islet into the three-peach formation amid the emerald water, which is Ba Trai Dao Islet – an attraction that calls beholders to Lan Ha Bay Vietnam. Not only does the interesting shape of the islet is eye-catching, but its secluded beach is also perfect for swimming […]


What to See in Lan Ha Bay – Places You Should Always Enjoy

Lan Ha Bay Cruise Tour

What to see in Lan Ha Bay seems to be a quite often question to concern. Some tourists might know that in the east of Cat Ba Island and the south of Halong Bay, there exists “a forgotten paradise” with nearly 400 islands and 139 golden-sand beaches, which urges them to ask what to see […]


What to Do in Lan Ha Bay – The Best Activities Ever

What to Do in Lan Ha Bay

As “a hidden paradise” that is nestled in the east of Cat Ba Island and borders Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay today attracts tourists who want a destination for relaxing cruises, but what to do in Lan Ha Bay moves beyond only cruising. In an area of 7.000 hectares, of which 5.400 hectares are under […]


How to Get to Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

Lan Ha Bay from Hanoi by bus

How to get to Lan Ha Bay Vietnam is the frequent question for travelers who are looking for cruise trips to this beautiful destination. As a twin sister of Halong Bay, but smaller and less famous than its glorious twin, Lan Ha Bay is also gifted with interesting karst formations and mysterious grottoes for awesome […]