Lan Ha Bay Cruises in 2021 Expects Best Deals After Covid-19 Pandemic

Peony Cruise Lan Ha Bay

This year 2021, Vietnam has well controlled the epidemic Covid-19 and has become a safe and attractive destination. Vacation on a vessel will turn to be an amazing escape for all travelers to cruise around the pristine islets, ensuring the breathtaking Lan Ha Bay Cruises in 2021. As an adorable, little sister of the world-known […]


Where to go in Vietnam after Covid-19

Best Lan Ha Bay Cruise Vietnam

Many of you might question where to go in Vietnam after Covid-19, and if that is the case, the top safe picks should be Lan Ha Bay, Da Nang City, and Phu Quoc Island. After the dull period damaged by the disease, the country tries her best to recover tourism sectors and regain tourists’ affection. […]


Best Places for Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

Places for Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam

As an ideal holiday destination for those interested in sporting events, best places for kayaking in Lan Ha Bay Vietnam reward visitors with opportunities for kayaking in the beautiful bay wilderness. The Bay is gifted with spectacular sailing routes that inspire you to use the kayak and sail around and along the top spots of […]


What to Do in Lan Ha Bay – The Best Activities Ever

What to Do in Lan Ha Bay

As “a hidden paradise” that is nestled in the east of Cat Ba Island and borders Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay today attracts tourists who want a destination for relaxing cruises, but what to do in Lan Ha Bay moves beyond only cruising. In an area of 7.000 hectares, of which 5.400 hectares are under […]