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What to see in Lan Ha Bay seems to be a quite often question to concern. Some tourists might know that in the east of Cat Ba Island and the south of Halong Bay, there exists “a forgotten paradise” with nearly 400 islands and 139 golden-sand beaches, which urges them to ask what to see in Lan Ha Bay. While beachgoers will have islands and beaches to unwind freely, the thrill-seeking explorers will be interested in unveiling the hidden caves, and more. To aid you in getting the best out of the bay discovery, here is the list of the best attractions.

Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island in Lan Ha Bay can attract tourists thanks to its pristine and charming nature. It’s wonderful that the island is bordered by the sea and covered by the green forest. It offers amazing settings for everybody to relax and rest amid the beautiful scenery.

From Beo pier (Ben Beo), you will take a boat trip for around 15 minutes to get to Nam Cat Island. It is the pristine beauty and the serenity of this haven that enchants the visitors. The destination empowers people to have peace of mind in a placid setting. Human activities and impact on this island are limited as much as possible in order to preserve the natural and original values of the site. With three large wooden houses on the stilts and six bamboo houses, staying in this area will let you mingle with Nature as well as the pure atmosphere and get the “vitamin sea.” In addition, the island provides enough services to serve the travelers, from private beaches to kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, and a variety of team building activities like campfire and night games.

Nam Cat Island in Lan Ha Bay

Nam Cat Island in Lan Ha Bay

Monkey Island (Dao Cat Dua)

To visit Monkey Island in Lan Ha Bay, tourists will take a boat trip for 10 minutes from Beo pier through Cai Beo floating village and some interesting islets. Then, you arrive at the pristine island which is also home to more than 20 monkeys under the management of Cat Ba National Park. You are likely to see the monkeys coming to the beaches to play with the tourists, eating the given food like banana, apple, orange, and sweet treats. The animals hanging and playing on the trees create an interesting impression on people’s mind, then as time passes, people call it “the Monkey Island.”

Regarding its former name as “Dao Cat Dua” (Pineapple Island), it was because of the wild pineapple trees in the area which look delicious but uneatable. However, nowadays, in the tourism contexts, the number of monkeys can imprint on the visitors’ mind, which results in the “Money Island” name. What’s more, the island is blessed with the fantastically white-sand beaches. Photography and swimming activities in this corner are infinite.

Monkey Island in Lan Ha Bay

Monkey Island in Lan Ha Bay

Van Boi Beach

Van Boi Beach in Lan Ha Bay is a favorite destination that beachgoers select to enjoy kayaking as well as swimming. This beach is nestled in the quiet and transparent areas of the Bay, plus the view is amazing. You can contemplate the harmonious blend of the transparently blue sea, the calm water, and the thrilling cliffs while soaking in a happy mood. The moments of relaxation are ultimate when you are in the water of Van Boi Beach and have fun. Take time appreciating the opportunities that bring you to this beach and the whole wonderful Lan Ha Bay.

Van Boi Beach in Lan Ha Bay

Van Boi Beach in Lan Ha Bay

Turtle Islet (Hon Rua)

As an islet in the shape of the turtle, Hon Rua in Lan Ha Bay wins the tourists’ attention to its interesting formation that looks like a turtle swimming in the water. The “Turtle Islet” is located nearby the routes from Beo pier to Viet Hai village. Pictures of this islet partially covered by greenness have been attracting people to enjoy the real sightseeing. Next to this small wonder is the floating house, which somehow reflects the fact that human beings are so small in front of Nature. The boat trip through the Turtle Islet will bring you an unforgotten experience.

Hon Rua - Turtle Islet in Lan Ha Bay

Hon Rua – Turtle Islet in Lan Ha Bay

Bell Islet (Hon Chuong)

Hon Chuong in Lan Ha Bay is also named as “Hon But” (Pen Islet) or “Hon Nen” (Candle Islet), which shows that human’s imagination is limitless in visualizing the shape of the natural site. This islet is located on the route from Cat Ba to Cua Van Fishing Village. There will be moments that you are wondering how the Mother of Nature can create this unique and interesting islet in this shape. It’s worth pointing out that nearly 400 islands and islets in the Bay are covered by trees and greenery, which makes it different from the famous sister – Halong Bay.

Hon Chuong - Bell Islet in Lan Ha Bay

Hon Chuong – Bell Islet in Lan Ha Bay

Luon Cave

Luon Cave is situated on Bo Hon Island, facing the Turtle Islet. This attraction can first impress people at the steep and straight cliff and the clear, blue, and calm water all seasons, just similar to a mirror. Exploring this natural highlight, you will be interested in the exceptional shape of the cave as well as the charming and harmonious scenery. The best activity to do is to enjoy kayaking through the distinctive entrance of the cave that penetrates a large mountain. This will end up with wonderful photography chances.

Luon Cave in Lan Ha Bay

Luon Cave in Lan Ha Bay

All in all, Lan Ha Bay owns nearly 400 islands and islets associated with 139 pretty beaches like the “sea-arms” that call people to visit. Again, the islands and islets in this area are all covered by trees and greenery, which is different from the glorious Halong Bay. Many beaches with the smooth sandbanks lying in the middle of the stone cliffs have the calm water which is ideal for soaking and even scuba diving to view the colorful coral reef. So if you feel somehow afraid of the bustling Halong, just make Lan Ha a smart and quieter alternative for the cruise trips. The escape to this virgin Bay will empower you with the energy you need so that you can return with your best version. Now, put these places in your list of the best things to see in Lan Ha Bay and schedule the trip.

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