Kim Giao Forest in Cat Ba Island for Green Photogenic Adventure

Kim Giao Forest in Cat Ba Island

Many tourists choose to target Cat Ba National Park to explore and learn about its ecological diversity and lots of interests inside the age-old green sites, including Kim Giao forest in Cat Ba. Together with Ngu Lam Peak, Kim Giao Forest establishes an attractive 3km tourist trail for people to admire Nature as well as […]


Viet Hai Fishing Village in Cat Ba Island for Ecofriendly Treats

Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba Island

Riding a bicycle in a pristine, beautiful, and placid countryside sounds attractive to all ecofriendly tourists who desire to mingle with Nature, and Viet Hai Fishing Village in Cat Ba Island is an excellent site to visit. The village is rich in cultural experiences as well as nature-friendly biking and sightseeing that opens an escape […]


Cat Ba Island Travel Guide

Cat Ba Island in Vietnam

Cat Ba Island of Hai Phong Province, Vietnam, has an area of 300 square kilometers, with magnificent natural scenery that creates a favorite tourism hub for local and foreign tourists who might need Cat Ba Island Travel Guide. The guide covers top experiences in Cat Ba National Park, what to see, where to stay, and […]